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301: The Magnificent Seven

Check the intro post if you have questions and spread the word.
Remember: If you know your story contains a spoiler for unaired episodes, please include "*spoilers*" in the comment title. If your fic is more than one part, please post the second part as a comment reply to the first part. Feedback for writers should be left on the last part of a story thread in order to make navigating easier.

Caps by oxoniensis.


Jul. 24th, 2011 03:02 am (UTC)
Sam: Let me guess -- you're Pride.

Pride: The root of all sin. And you... are Sam Winchester. That's right. I've heard of you. We've all heard of you. The prodigy. The boy king. Looking at you now, I got to tell you, don't believe the hype. You think I'm gonna bow to a cut-rate, piss-poor human like you? I have my pride, after all. And now with your yellow-eyed friend dead, I guess I don't really have to do a damn thing, now do I? You're fair game now, boy, and it's open season.